How healthy are you? New Health Tracker will tell you instantly.



A new health tracker will measure your vitamins and minerals in minutes.

Imagine being able to measure the vitamins and minerals in your body instantly with absolute accuracy anywhere, anytime.

Well, now it’s possible. Your Fitbit will tell you how may steps you have made, but the new Vitastiq will tell you exactly what shape your body is in, in terms of all of the essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitastiq is a simple pen-like device you use with an app you download for free. You simply hold it against different parts of your hand (acupuncture points), as directed on the app and it cleverly measures each vitamin and mineral one by one.

And if you are low on something, you slide to another screen which then tells you which foods contain the essential vitamin or mineral you are missing.

This takes managing your health to a whole new level, and it is super easy.

This nifty device is brilliant for anyone who wants to monitor their vitamin and mineral levels, which should really be everyone. And one device can be used by multiple people.

The Bondi Beauty Team have gone mad over the device, which is like a fat pen you simply hold onto different parts of your hand and fingers to measure different areas.

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