Five Insta-Worthy Fitness Classes In Your 20’s.



If you can’t get an Insta photo out of it, how worthwhile is it? If this is a question you ask yourself every now and again then you might be interested in these 5 amazing fitness classes that are aesthetic AF.

Trampo-Line Jumping in Surry Hills

Trampo-line beach session workout.
One of the trampo-line workout sessions at the beach.

Perfect for Boosting metabolism and losing weight.

This quirky alternative to your average high-intensity cardio routine, combines fun, fitness and friends all in one.

European founders Justyna Bieganska and Magdalena Rudzka, decided they wanted to bring a sense of childhood back into the fitness world, and what better way to do that than with a trampoline.

The dynamic duo discovered that 10 minutes alone of jumping on a trampoline is equivalent to approximately 30 minutes of jogging.

Their Surry Hills studio is lined with rows of mini trampolines with waist-high handles so that you can keep your balance.

Each class goes for just under an hour and is accompanied by some of the hottest tracks of the season to help you get right in the zone.

With a mixture of different moves and coordinated bouncing routines, you’re improving your endurance, boosting your stamina and strengthening your lymphatic system.

Not to mention, setting you up for a multitude of poses for the gram.

They also host classes outdoors at Rushcutters Bay Park which serves as the perfect Insta backdrop.

Bouldering in Kirrawee

Woman doing bouldering at Climbfit Sydney.
Taking rock climbing to new heights.

Perfect for improving muscle strength and stimulate brain function.

Take rock-climbing to the next level by taking on bouldering at the Kirrawee Climb Fit Centre.

Bouldering is a harnessless form of rock-climbing that requires a uniquely acute form of thinking in order to safely climb up and down the wall.

The best part about bouldering is that you are always trying to beat your personal best.

Whether it means using a different strategy, choosing a wall with an increased difficulty or simply getting to the top and back down in one piece.

If the fact that you have climbed all the way up a wall without a harness on doesn’t classify as insta-worthy, I don’t know what does.

Barre Body Workout in Sydney’s CBD

Woman amidst barre body workout class.
Going to the barre has never been so healthy.

Perfect for developing better posture and toning muscles.

Improve your mind, posture and stamina with bar classes in the city.

Barre workouts are made to isolate, and tone different muscle areas so prepare to feel wonderfully exhausted by the end of the class.

All you need to bring is you. And perhaps a drink bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the class as well.

With a historically strong background in ballet, this barre class itself will combine the flowing nature of Yoga with the strengthening movements of Pilates to create the ultimate graceful yet stimulating workout.

This beautiful Barre Body studio in Sydney have gorgeous floor-to-ceiling white French-fashioned windows that deliver beautiful lighting throughout the room, perfect for a quick selfie before class.

Yoga on Bondi Beach

Yoga by the sea class lined up in rows at Bondi Icebergs.
It doesn’t get more zen than this.

Perfect for enhancing flexibility and reducing stress.

Yoga by the Sea is a yoga class that is conducted on the southern end of Bondi Beach.

Yoga mats are provided but if you are a total yogi it is BYO. 

Performing yoga outdoors has proven to sync up your mind, body and soul better than it would in a studio, so where else would you want to roll out your mat than on Bondi beach where you can glance up at any time and be met with the beautiful horizon of the ocean.

Taking in the sounds of the waves crashing and feeling the drift of that cool, refreshing sea-breeze, this oceanic energy is bound to enhance the results of your yoga workout.

This workout class screams beach vibes and would be the perfect setting for a stunning Instagram photo.

Paddle boarding in Watsons bay

A girl paddle-boarding
Did you really paddle-board if you didn’t take a picture first?

Perfect for refining balance and coordination.

Watssup is Watsons Bay’s official stand up paddle boarding class that takes place in…you guessed it, Watsons Bay.

With the unmatched cityscape as your surrounding background, it truly doesn’t get more aesthetic than this.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced stand up paddle boarder, there are a variety of lessons and classes to choose from.

The Social Paddle class that takes place on Monday mornings, is the perfect way to get some exercise in with your friends and obviously take some exquisite pics while you’re at it.

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