How to Stick to Those New Year’s Fitness Resolutions (For Once)



It’s a New Year, a new start and all things are possible. But do you have what it takes to stick to those fitness resolutions?

Some of the most popular resolutions are ‘to lead a healthier lifestyle’ and ‘to exercise more regularly’.

Unfortunately, even though it’s meant with every fibre of your being at 2 am on January 1st, 38% of people give up before the end of January and 90% will have long forgotten about their New Year’s resolutions by the 6-month mark.

Here’s how to stay motivated on actually following through with those fitness and health resolutions, with tips from Sydney PT Rachel Livingstone, so you not only start but also end 2018 as a new and healthier you.

  1. Forget about fads – with diet and exercise, look for what will work for you in the long-term and you will find it easier to stick to those resolutions.
  2. Connect goals with values – identify why you want to be slimmer, fitter, faster, stronger, instead of just saying I want to be slimmer, fitter, faster, stronger.
  3. Be specific – are you stopping smoking, drinking less alcohol, eating healthier snacks, upping exercise from 2 to 3 times per week? Know exactly what actions you are going to take each day or week. If your behaviour doesn’t change, how will your health?
  4. Special event – for an extra boost, identify a sporting event you would like to enter, or a social event you would like to feel extra special for and aim for it.
  5. Positive mindset – since your body hears 100% of what your mind thinks, be positive. If thoughts become words, they become actions, which become habits. Your results are connected to your thoughts.
  6. Love yourself – it’s okay to be aware of things you would like to change or improve about body. But spend more time celebrating your good points, than criticising yourself. How can you look after something you hate?
  7. Keep it fun – there are so many ways to get active and keep fit. Try different activities and if it’s not working for you try something else. It’s much easier to keep up something you enjoy.
  8. Don’t over commit – 42% of people say lack of time is the reason they quit. Be realistic about what you can fit in on an ongoing basis.
  9. A job well done – take a moment to pat yourself on the back after each workout to anchor your value of good health and sense of accomplishment.
  10. Want more for yourself – 56% of people in Fitness First’s New Year New You Survey said they broke their New Year’s resolutions because ‘it’s too much effort’. Don’t be one of these statistics.

By Rachel Livingstone Personal Trainer & Owner of The Health Hub

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Rachel Livingstone


Rachel is a PT and Maternal Health specialist who found the gym at 14 through her weight lifting dad and never looked back. Originally from the UK she finally settled her wanderlusting feet on the shores of Sydney and can often be found on the back of a paddleboard exploring Rose Bay and the beautiful harbour.

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