How to Keep Your Fitness on Track over Christmas



Here’s how to stay focused over the holidays and keep your fitness on track this Christmas.

Bondi Beauty spoke to former professional tennis player and cancer survivor Matt Fox on ways you can stay focused over the holiday period and keep your fitness on track.

Now an elite coach, a personal trainer, an Active Escapes Trainer, and a husband and father, Matt knows how easy it is to fall off the bandwagon with your health and fitness over the Christmas holidays.

Matt’s successful online training business called Bodyweight Built provides options for both men and women to transform their health and fitness without needing a gym or equipment. As such, Matt understands Christmas is a difficult time to manage your health and fitness, with all the food, parties and holidaying going on.

And with Christmas time fast approaching, for most of us, that means, holidays, time off work and lots of food. It can also be the time of year that puts you in regret for any weight gain due to all the delicious foods and social events that come around.

If anything, though, the holidays should be the time to really excel and improve your health and fitness. What are your excuses? If you’re on holiday, you have more free time, right? So, use some of that free time to exercise.

Want to stay focused and go into this holiday season differently than in the past? Set yourself personal goals. Here’s what Matt has to say about managing your health and fitness over the holiday period.

Matt Fox training on the beach.

Matt’s Top Tips

“Make this holiday season the one that gets you in better shape than when you entered it by setting little goals. Sure you can allow yourself some sleep-ins that work may have prevented, but try not to go out of control with it, set your alarm and instead of rushing around for work, get outside and go for some exercise.

Set yourself a goal of doing this 3-5 times per week, where you get up and the first thing is a little walk around the block, take some time before starting your day to do something beneficial for yourself.” He says.

“Limit yourself to booze and unhealthy foods by planning around any events you have on. If you know you have a Christmas party on, which, very likely if you will know in advance, try to limit food and alcohol intake in the lead-up, eat healthily, do your exercise then treat yourself when the time rolls around.

A little trick I use when I know I have a feast coming up is to fast that day until the event, so If I know I have a big Christmas dinner coming, I will limit my food intake as long as I can hold out.

I’ll also make an effort to increase my water intake before and during.  The more water you drink, the less likely you’ll be to overdo it on the alcohol, and it will help with ay hangover the next day.

Finally, this time of year is for the family, so get the whole family involved with active activities. You’ll be exercising without even knowing it. Get out and explore local parks, or go for bush walks. Spend more time outdoors moving than you would be sitting indoors not moving.” He explains.

Matt Fox keeping fit
Matt Fox one on one training sessions on the beach.

“Holidays should be a chance to improve your health rather than let go. You have more free time during the holidays than you do any other time of the year- use it to your advantage.”

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