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We are fast approaching silly season, which means binging at Christmas parties, summer BBQ’s and long lunches.

Inevitably, this also means a few more rosés and extra helpings. No one is trying to take away these good times away from you, but being more strategic regarding your health & fitness may prevent unwanted weight gain.

Ben Lucas, PT & Director of Flow Athletic shares his top tips for not going overboard this Christmas.

Social Catch-ups in the Sunshine 

Now that it’s warmer, take your social occasions to the footpath and not only soak up some vitamin D, but get some exercise and save some dollars. Try to prioritise your ‘alcohol’ based summer soirees and balance them out with outdoor activities. If it’s not a walk, it could be stand up paddleboarding, a bike-ride or boxing session.

Boost of HIIT

One of the best ways to lose weight and increase muscle tone is to practice HIIT. After a session of high-intensity exercise, your body continues to burn calories 16 hours after the initial session. Because the exercises are performed in short bouts, you work harder and therefore maximise the benefit of energy expenditure.

Weights for Women

A common misconception is that if women practice weights, that they will become bulky, this simply is not true. Lifting weights works on building lean muscle mass and depending on the number of reps and weight will influence how your muscle forms. For women who are nervous about bulking up, weight gain is more to do with calorie intake than lifting weights. Engaging with a personal trainer will help to manage that balance and ensure that your summer physique is where you want it to be.

Eat for Pleasure

Just because you attend a myriad of Christmas parties, picnics, lunches etc. doesn’t mean you have to feast on everything that’s at the table. Instead, choose foods that you thoroughly enjoy, which may help to keep any weight gain at bay.

Pad your Stomach

This may sound like an order your mum barked at you when you were younger, but drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Alcohol cannot be metabolised without the presence of food to soak it up.

The consequence may be that you reach a point of inebriation where you don’t care what you eat and therefore go to town on the buffet or the late-night junk food binge.

Join a Run Club

Keeping yourself accountable may be the best motivator you have to stay active this summer. Joining a running club may be a great way to maintain a social life, but also stay healthy. Flow Athletic host a run club every week, which is a lot of fun and a great way to start the day. Knowing that you’ve done a bit of exercise before a social event will mean you won’t feel as guilty enjoying a couple of beers or wine.

Fitness guru Ben Lucas
Ben Lucas keeping fit and staying healthy over Christmas.
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