Having trouble getting out of bed to exercise?



It’s a tough time of year to jump out of bed and get exercising.


Exercising with a friend is another way to force yourself out of bed each morning.

I’m too tired. It’s dark outside. My bed is so comfy and warm.
These are all excuses people use on a daily basis in an effort to avoid morning exercise.

People who exercise in the morning are said to be healthier, fitter and have greater drive than those who don’t.

Many of the most successful people in the world exercise early – whether they are CEO’s, performers, or small business operators.

Creating a morning exercise routine doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will take determination at the start in order to establish a rhythm. Initially your body may fight these urges of change, but set a SMART goal and remember what you’re training for.

Plan your outfit the night before.
Just as you might have laid out your shoes and uniform before school, do so with your exercise clothing. Think of exercise as a non-negotiable, it might not always be fun, but it’s setting you up for a future of health.

Do some deep breathing exercises.
You might think that relaxing may make you want to linger in bed, however deep breathing will awaken your senses and stimulate blood flow, making it easier to get out the door faster and on with your morning routine.

Pay in advance.
Money is a great motivator. Particularly, if you’ve already allocated your budget on the gym. Buy a one month membership to begin with and challenge yourself to be committed to going at least three times a week.

Once you start noticing the physical results other stimulus like endorphins may help to keep up the motivation.

Exercise with a buddy.

If someone is waiting for you, you wont want to let them down, so you will have another reason to make sure you make it.

Images can be a great driver.

Images of yourself either looking your ideal weight ( if you don’t now) or not looking the ideal weight can be very motivating, as can images of people looking the way you would like to look once you get fit. Pin these next to your bed so they are the first thing you see when you wake up.

Exercise indoors.

There’s no better time to join a gym than in winter. It’s far easier to work out without the added challenges of rain, the dark, and the cold. You can try some different classes and different types of exercise to really mix it up and feel inspired.

For more ideas on what exercises will get you out of bed this winter, click here.

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