How to Get the Most Affordable Music for Your Workout



Bondi Beauty has found some more affordable music alternatives to the main stream online music providers so you get the most out of your workout.

In a world where life is increasingly spent ‘online’ and ‘logged in’, music has taken on a new meaning, and ultimately a new form, as accessibility becomes unlimited. With new tunes, you can spice up your workout instantly, and it’s now cheaper and easier than ever.

Sites like Spotify, Jog Tunes and Run Hundred inspire with suggestions for new tracks based on the music you already like. Unlike Itunes, Spotify offers two alternatives, either a free or a cheap option. Both are woth looking at. Charging a monthly fee of varying rates starting at $6.99, Spotify offers you unlimited access to music.

All are great ways to find and listen to new music

Run Hundred, is aimed at people who like fitness, and is a music blog that rates and share songs specifically chosen to work out to. Unlike itunes, Run Hundred has an online community who vote and determine top 10 workout tracks every month.

They’re all worth a look.

Spotify in more detail:

Spotify is an internet based music streaming service offering on-demand access to millions of songs. Through Spotify you can instantly search for songs and store them into playlists without the hassle of loading times or downloading. Spotify uses streaming, this means it not only offers the worldwide public a convenient and instant means of listening to music but also proactively fights the battle of illegal downloading.

You can choose from three different sign up offers;
Free: Able to listen to songs on your desktop or laptop with the occasional interruption of ads
Unlimited: A monthly fee of $6.99 (price varies) lets you listen without ads on your laptop or desktop.
Premium: A monthly fee of $11.99 (price varies) lets you listen and sync music on all your devices (laptop, desktop, smart phone, tablet) without ads and also without connection to the internet.

Run Hundred broken down:

Unlike Spotify, Run Hundred is a type of music blog created by an anonymous DJ with the aim to pool votes on favourite workout songs submitted by the public and create monthly top 10 song lists. Sign up is free and gives permission for the site to send you emails of the new top 10 workout songs each month. The site itself looks complicated at first glance, but gets easier.

There is an option to upgrade for a fee and receive remixes to work out to, mixed by the founder of the site. As he states the mixes give you a 30-60minute track to steadily workout to at the same pace. The best feature of this site,  is the option to sort songs by BPM (beats per minutes). This lets you scroll though songs with specific tempos that provide a steady rhythm to workout to. The idea of Run Hundred is simple and an effective way to discover new workout tracks based on public votes, however the site is young and songs are limited and still requires you to download songs using a third party.

Jog Tunes in short:

Founded by retired physician Dr Bob Marcus, who as a casual runner discovered the joy of working out to music that precisely matched his exercise pace. Dr Bob created the site by calculating the BPM of a large variety of songs and creating playlists and podcasts based on BPM that you can listen to online or download.

The playlists and podcasts are designed to increase pace, starting from songs with a low BPM rate, then, peaking before coming back down to a cool-down pace. The site is simple and easy to read, with a section for “hints” and different sections for “Running”, “Cycling” and “gym/aqua” that give advice on how to make playlists specific to the exercise.

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