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At Bondi Beauty we love all things fitness, but we understand that with busy schedules and varying priorities, actually finding the motivation to go to the gym can be difficult. Here are some of our go to work-out motivation hacks to help get yourself back on that fitness grind.


Find some motivation go-to’s

On days when I am struggling to find the motivation to workout, I always have a few kick-ass Instagram accounts that I jump onto for a bit of motivation to stay fit and healthy – at the moment I’m obsessed with model @Iskra and Aussie yogi/pole vaulter @AmandaBisk. After a bit of a scroll I’m always feeling more empowered to head outside and pump out a workout.


Listening to your body for rest days

Today it is accustomed in society to feel the need to exercise morning and night because the celebs or influencers do. Studies show that listening to your body is more important, so having a rest day when you are feeling sluggish is important to maintaining a healthy relationship with fitness. Rest days could last for a week or just one day but it is very important to understand your body and not push past your limits. 


Listen to some motivational speakers

I love listening to you tube before bed and first thing in the morning.

YouTube has so many motivational speakers and inspirational talks from Ted X to Tony Robbins and more. These motivational speakers make me realise why I am doing what I am doing and why I need to jump out of bed and get on with my day ay 530am – every day.


Find what works for you- not what works for someone else

One thing I’ve learnt through my yoga journey and writing about health and fitness is to find a form of exercise which suits your personal needs both physically and mentally. Just because someone says a HIIT workout is the best thing for you, doesn’t really mean it’s the right thing for your body or your mental state of mind. It’s important to work with yourself and no-one else to determine the right way to keep you fit and healthy long term, not just short term.


Get pumped up for the gym

“I work out regularly at my gym, and I’m always a bit shocked when I see other women hiding in other rooms or working out in a corner, intimated by the men that are also working out. While it may not be easy for everybody, I find that if I’m listening to a great, pump-up playlist, while also wearing my favourite activewear, I have much more confidence. Don’t be afraid to hit the weights – for myself, weights are what have made me fitter than ever.” 


Find a fitness buddy

When it comes to fitness, I struggle the most with finding the motivation to actually go to the gym. Working out seems like a chore but when you add friends into the mix it becomes a lot more fun. I really enjoy bringing my friends to workout classes such as yoga, cycling or boxing because not only do we get to spend time together we also get to work up a sweat!! If you’re like me and are struggling to get yourself to the gym, find a fitness buddy to accompany you to make the experience a whole lot better!”

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