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The New Class Pass will help you find your fitness mojo fast.

Class Pass classes provide the opportunity to mix up your workout week.

Class Pass classes provide the opportunity to mix up your workout week.

We are told time and time again that working out with a partner is the easiest way to keep on track of our fitness goals and group classes are much more likely to push us.

Class Pass has made it easier then ever to take it up a notch. Designed to socialise your fitness, this mobile friendly app is the key to a fitness community you probably never knew existed.

By simply adjusting the parameters on your app, you can have immediate access to hundreds of fitness classes in your area. Simply book online, show up and experience some of the hottest new trends in fitness.

Classes available range from aerial yoga, to boot camps, to swimming classes and everything in between.

Here are 3 reasons to sign up… if you needed any more:

1) Motivation

When activities aren’t enjoyable we are much less likely to stick them out, despite the health benefits. Training with a friend or team is a fool proof way to ensure fitness is fun and marked as a top priority. Goals are easier to achieve with a companion and simply being accountable to someone else.

If your 2016 fitness goals have already fallen by the wayside, finding a fitness companion or group of like minded people to work out with may be your first step, and Class Pass has you covered.

2) Competition

Class Pass also provides an excellent platform for those who have plateaued within their usual workout week. Instead of going through the same paces week after week, expose yourself to some healthy competition by joining a class or two.

Research has shown when you exercise with someone who you perceive as a little fitter than you, you increase your workout time and intensity by almost 200 per cent.

3) Mind, Body and Soul

Strength in numbers not only benefits our physical health but also our emotional well-being. In today’s fast paced society, combining socialising with fitness is a powerful and fun way to de-stress.

When exercising together we are left with feelings of synchronicity, harmony and shared enthusiasm. Class Pass understands endorphins are addictive and believe they should be shared.

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