Do You Know Your Fitness Age?



The Norwegian University have created a site which helps you test the age of your body and what your fitness age is.

It’s nothing new and it has been around for a while, but we just love this new site which tells you a lot about what age your legs really are, along with the rest of your body also.

Using innovative technology, the site itself is pretty easy to use.

The site uses a fitness calculator and just seven questions to assess what exercise you do and for how often, your waist size and resting pulse. And in just a few seconds after answering the questions, they can tell you exactly how old your body is, including your legs; in terms of fitness that is.

So, for a bit of fun why not check out the site yourself – click here

BB writer Rebecca took the test and here’s what her results were:

I was asked questions like what is my waste line, my height, weight and what my pulse was (heart beats per minute) and without even entering my age, it calculated I that I was 37 years old – spot on! My results also told me that I am doing pretty well for my age and have the body of a 35 year old. Okay, so it’s only 2 years off my actual age – but still. I was also advised from my results my heart’s capacity to transport oxygen is good, which decreases the risk of dying prematurely from lifestyle related diseases. I’m pretty happy with that.

For a bit of fun, why not try the test yourself. Enjoy.

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