Cycling Under Water is the Latest Fitness Craze in New York



New Yorkers are loving this new way to keep fit, toned, and have fun

It’s the trend that’s got everyone talking. Cycling underwater, wellness, sort of anyway. You aren’t completely underwater, so your hair doesn’t get wet (winning), but your body is half submerged under water so your body gets the best workout ever.

Imagine a spin class whilst sitting on a bike in a pool, and you’ll just about capture a vision of the new trend in the US where people are lining up in droves to cycle under water.

The water is said to help protect joints and bones, whilst improving your overall health,and the obvious dangers of road cycling are eliminated.

It all started in Europe apparently, possibly France, as a solution to rehabilitation for athletes, and and a host of Europeans  are into it, and are competitive, mounting annual attempts to break the world record for underwater cycling.

Classes are 45 minutes and are said to be intense as you work your muscles much deeper than you can on land. Your head and hair stay above water, but the handlebars are beneath the surface.

The NYC studio promises:

1) No stress and better sleep

2) Increased breathing capacity

3) Flexibility and better recovery

4) Burn up to 800 kal a class

5)Effectively burns cellulite.

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Renae Leith-Manos


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