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Personal trainers… we all want one, but can’t necessarily afford one. That’s why we picked the brain of one of Australia’s most sought after PT’s on behalf of all our Bondi Beauty readers.


Blake Worrall-Thompson spoke to Bondi Beauty’s Narissa Moeller:

 Best known for his TV role on Eat Yourself Sexy, Blake is a regular media personality, author and fitness and wellbeing coach. He’s also played part to the bodies of celebs such as Natalie Bassingthwaighte and chef, Ainsley Harriott, so you know he means business. Here, we get inside his mind, body and pantry.

 On exercise:

 What’s a typical day in your life?

I wake up at 4:30 each morning for meditation before starting work with my female fat-loss program ‘6 weeks to sexy,’ at 5:45am. I work through till 10am and then work-out myself before heading home for lunch where I then work from the computer. After this, I’m generally back out at night for a few sessions with the guys who participate in the fat loss program for ‘6 weeks to shredded.’ I have a good balance of time with the girls and the guys.

Do you think it’s better to train first thing in the morning or at night?

If I had my own way I would have everyone train first thing in the morning. I think it’s good to get it out of the way, as not everyone enjoys exercise. Also it’s better to exercise in the morning because it sets your day up. Try being conscious enough to notice the difference in your energy if you train in the morning as opposed to sleeping in and running out the door at the last moment. It’s completely different.

What exercise do you suggest for those who prefer a late-night workout?

It would either be yoga or meditation. The reason I would go with something a little more low key is because a large number of  people have trouble sleeping if they train high intensity at night. If you don’t have any problems sleeping the high intensity is fine.

What’s your personal favourite exercise?

The one everyone hates the most, lunges.

Tell us about the 30 minute intense training sessions?

People are too caught up thinking they need to train for an hour or more to get the results they are after. It isn’t true, I do a number of 30 minute sessions and if it’s done at the right intensity you’ll know about every single minute of it.

On diet:

Which FAD diet drives you the craziest and why?

How long have we got! There are way too many to pick one from but the thing with FAD diets is people are still going with a band aid approach by doing them for two weeks and completely messing with their bodies. The people I know with the best headspace don’t get caught up in FAD diets believing it is going to change their life.

What’s your opinion on meal replacements?

At times everyone gets caught out as they don’t have time to organise their food. Yes, I think the best protein shakes play a role, especially after training, but outside of that, meal replacements should be few and far between. If you are caught at the airport and it’s a choice between McDonalds and a meal replacement you would choose the meal replacement but I wouldn’t want to see  it used too often apart from after your training session.

What common foods do you keep in your cupboard?

There is very little in the cupboard and it should be that way for anyone looking to be healthy. If you think about a good food regime it’ll be your fridge that is full, not your cupboard. At the moment my cupboard consists of nuts, coconut oil, the nuzest protein powder, the good greens and other bits and pieces such as herbs and spices, etc.

Health foods can be quite pricey. What tips/tricks can you suggest to eat healthy on a budget?

I always think cooking a big dinner so that you have enough for left over for lunch the next day is an easy way to save money. The other thing is ‘shopping around’ – whether you are getting your food from the markets or some of the delivery options there are much cheaper ways to get it than going through a supermarket.

They say protein is needed for muscle toning, what food do you suggest for vegetarians?

Despite what people say about protein not being that hard for vegetarians, it is. A good protein powder like the nuzest one will help you bridge the gap, but you’re always going to find it harder to stay on top of your protein levels on a vegetarian plan.

Many women refuse to eat carbs. What do you tell them?

Its not the carbs that are the problem, it’s the processed carbs that are the problem.

On attitude:

What’s your best tip to stay motivated?

Be happy. The lighter you carry yourself the less force you’ll need to stay motivated. What I mean by carrying yourself ‘lighter’ is dealing with those things that stress you out and pull you down (baggage). The happiest people I know find it much easier to stay motivated.

If you could train anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

The Dalai Lama. I’m not sure the intensity of the workouts would be that high, nor do I think he would be pushing around  some heavy weights, but when it comes to training and my surroundings I only want to be around people with the right state of mind, and it doesn’t get better than this guy.

On being a woman:

What do you think to yourself when you see a really fit woman?

I’m impressed, but I also realise a healthy body is nothing without a healthy mind.

What do you tell women who doubt themselves?

There are so many different ways to help people break through that doubt. It’s really important to become mindful of the thoughts that go through your head because most of them have been created through your upbringing and very few of them hold much truth (you’re a lot more capable than you realise). But to break through those bad “thoughts” you need to start challenging  yourself and re patterning your belief system… Realise and appreciate every little win you have, and once the ‘wins’ start to become a regular occurrence all of a sudden your belief system starts to change.



By Narissa Moeller


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