Are Audio-Guided Workouts The Next Big Thing?



We are all time poor, so it is surprising audio-guided workouts have only just hit the fitness scene. 

Personal trainers are effective and reliable, but expensive.

Exercise tutorials on YouTube are informative and easy to access but are problematic when the viewer has to repeatedly crane their neck at the screen to check if they are in sync with the virtual trainer.

For a more fluid and natural workout, audio-guided training could be the best option. It is cheaper, easier and accesable anywhere, anytime.

The simplicity of relying on one sense alone (hearing) gives more space to focus on improving the actual body form.

When following visually-guided workouts, it is difficult to split the attention between following the trainer on the screen and focusing on the body.

Not to mention the challenge of having to look up and follow visual cues without breaking the fluidity of whatever position or exercise is being performed.

With audio-guidance alone the focus remains on the user’s own movements and allows them to stay in tune with their form.

According to Laura Williams, fitness expert from, audio-workouts are  especially effective for solo routines such as running, cycling or rowing.

These exercises don’t usually require a personal trainer however with a personal coach in your ear, the likelihood of pushing further and beating personal records will increase two-fold.

Getting in the zone is as simple as putting in your earphones, selecting an audio-guided workout and clicking start.

woman with white jacket and pink crop top looking at iphone
With audio-guidance alone the focus remains on the user’s own movements and allows them to stay in tune with their form.

Also, with such a wide range of audio fitness apps, the prices are literally a fraction of what it would normally cost to pay for a gym membership as well as a personal trainer.

It doesn’t hurt however, to keep in mind that audio-guided workouts are not as personalised as going to a personal trainer.

This means that without this type of guidance and feedback if the user has poor body form through the workout, it could lead to potential injuries.

The best audience for audio-guided workouts, would be intermediate to advanced level exercisers, not beginners.

This way, users would have mastered their form already and the audio-guidance would be used to keep them in check and push them that little bit further.

Here are some suggestions for the hottest audio fitness apps right now.

App Apple Rating Subscription Price
Aaptiv 4.6/5 $14.99 per month
Fit Radio 4.7/5 $4.99 per month
MotionTraxx 4.4/5 $9.99 per month
MoveWith 4.6/5 $12.99 per month
ViTrainer 4.4/5 $9.99 per month

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  1.' Fitoru says:

    This is really the next big thing! I want to do this kind of workout too.

  2.' Fitoru says:

    I still prefer video or gym, audio workouts sometimes are not sync with what you see.

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    The tips in this blog would mean a lot for us to know if audio guided workouts are the next big thing. This would be a huge help. Thanks for sharing this one out.

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