$70 for a spin class? In New York they can’t get enough.



Anyone living in Sydney finds the cost of living frustrating at times but imagine living in New York, where cycle classes at Soul Cycle are up to $70 a pop, for a priority booking in a 40-65 minute class.


Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at Soul Cycle , image courtesy of ABC.

No-one seems to bat an eyelid at the prices, as they are booked out weeks in advance.

But according to New Yorkers, Soul Cycle is no ordinary cycle class – it sounds more like a cult, albeit a healthy one. The company claims to be “indoor cycling re-invented”, and creates communities in each of its studios.

The über cool cycle studio is popular with celebrities and high profile New Yorkers who are currently in a spin – excuse the pun – because the popular Tribeca studio is under renovation and closed for 3 weeks.

Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama are just two well known names who’ve been spotted there – and with up to 60 people in a class, hundreds are in a state of panic trying to find an alternative place to go.

It seems Soul Cycle have combined the endorphin filled thrill of a spin class with yoga style mantras like :”We inhale intention and exhale expectation”

“Once you go Soul, you can’t go back,” said Suzanne Xie when speaking to the New York Times about the closure of the Tribeca studio.


Once you go to Soul, you can’t go back say devotees.

We’re wondering when we’ll see one in Sydney?


Renae Leith-Manos


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