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2017 Fitness Events to put in your diary now

We are all looking to keep fit, healthy and happy in the new year, and participating in local fitness events is a great way to combine exercise, friends and fun.   Here are our top picks for the best fitness events of 2017 to lock into your calendar now. JANUARY  North Bondi Roughwater Ocean Swim […]

Lose weight fast with this cardio workout

Orangetheory is the newest cardio workout to lose weight fast. The sessions are tough, they’re intense and you’ll get super sweaty. But if you are looking for a cardio workout to get serious  fitness and weight loss results, this is for you. Orangetheory is a relatively new concept to Aussie shores that has fitness fanatics […]

How much walking to lose weight?

The question about walking has always been how much do you need to do every day to lose weight? We now have the answer. According to a recent British scientific analysis, the easiest form of exercise to help lose weight, help keep it off and also prevent weight gain and obesity: brisk walking. Researchers analysed […]


If you’re looking for a simple and gentle full body workout, gyrokinesis is the new pilates, and could be the thing for you. Developed by Hungarian dancer and swimmer, Juliu Horvath, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® is a complementary exercise system that uses flowing, rhythmic and circular motions to move the body gently, as if to be in water. […]

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