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A personal trainer could change your life

Don’t go it alone – get a personal trainer to kick start 2017, and you could just change your life.   Here are 5 reasons why getting a personal trainer might be the best thing you could do for your body in 2017: Knowledge – not matter how many articles you read or You Tube […]

Stay on track with these 5 fitness tips

It’s easy this time of year to lose track of your fitness goals. The festive season is a well deserved rest for many of us, which means we sometimes find it a bit hard to get our butt back into gear once the new year rolls around. These 5 fitness tips will ensure you stay […]

Rid Your Life of Toxic Relationships

January is the best time of year to rid your life of toxic relationships We all have people in our lives that are a negative presence – perhaps they make us feel bad about ourselves, they don’t make us happy or detract from our wellbeing. The good news is that in today’s culture, the focus […]

2017 Fitness Events to put in your diary now

We are all looking to keep fit, healthy and happy in the new year, and participating in local fitness events is a great way to combine exercise, friends and fun.   Here are our top picks for the best fitness events of 2017 to lock into your calendar now. JANUARY  North Bondi Roughwater Ocean Swim […]

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