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How to Pick the Right Swimsuit for Summer

Make this summer your best yet with a new swimsuit that fits you better than ever. Whether it’s for swimming casual laps at the gym, racing, or simply lazing on Bondi beach with your girlfriends, there’s a swimsuit to suit every occasion. But, before you add to basket on that long-awaited bikini you’ve been eyeing, […]

Let’s Talk About Coffee! Is It Good, Or Is It Bad?

We chat to Nutrion expert Lolita Walters about coffee and whether it’s good or bad for you. Every week there seems to be a new verdict on coffee’s negatives and positives. A latte, cappuccino, long black or what ‘wakes you up’ in the morning may be how you best know your coffee, but is it […]

The Low Down on Coconuts. Are They As Good As They Say

From coconut water to coconut oil, we chat to Nutrition expert Lolita Walters on the benfits of coconuts. From health conscious yogis to supermodels, it seems just about everyone is consuming coconut in some form. From the water to the oil, coconut is the latest proclaimed super food to take the wellness world by storm. […]

Tasmanian Travel Tips: Where to Go and What to See

Tasmania’s North East Coast provides an idyllic location to explore, relax,and indulge. What better way to end one of the world’s most iconic walks than with a spa in an idyllic setting. This is Australian five star fitness at its best. The upmarket four-day/three night Bay of Fires Lodge Walk is located on Tasmania’s north […]

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