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The art of meditating on a candle

If you like candles, you’ll love candle gazing, the art of meditating whilst looking at a candle. For the many people who struggle with meditation, using a candle could be the way to focus and find a way forwards to appreciating and valuing the art of meditating. British fragrance creator Jonathon Ward was in Sydney […]

Fall in Love – Your body needs it.

Falling in love can effect your body in ways you wont even know about. From dumbing you down to making your heart  skip a beat, love has physiological effects beyond our imagination. Here are five more reasons to fall in love.  1.     Love makes your heart skip a beat Whether it’s to slow down or […]

How to stay fit & healthy when you travel.

 If you think you have to put on weight and stop exercising when you’re away, think again.  Fitness guru Alexa Towersey talked Bondi Beauty through a simple list of tips to follow when travelling to ensure you stay fit & healthy. For Alexa Towersey, personal trainer and athlete, travelling is part of everyday life. As […]

It is ok to be alone this Valentines Day – we promise.

It is ok to be alone on Valentines Day, and here are 10 great things to celebrate: It’s the one thing that makes the most confident and beautiful girls cringe, being alone on the international day that celebrates love and relationships. It’s bad enough to see the bouquets of roses sent to your work place, […]

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