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$70 for a spin class? In New York they can’t get enough.

Anyone living in Sydney finds the cost of living frustrating at times but imagine living in New York, where cycle classes at Soul Cycle are up to $70 a pop, for a priority booking in a 40-65 minute class. No-one seems to bat an eyelid at the prices, as they are booked out weeks in […]

Katie Holmes As A Beauty Ambassador? Why?

Beauty Company Olay has chosen Holmes as the brand’s first Global Ambassador, and we don’t like it. Of all the women in the world, why would Katie be the final choice? Sure, she was cute enough in Dawson’s Creek, and she did have amazing skin and hair back then, but now? It’s no secret Katie […]

Think Pink today for Pink Hope’s Lipstick Day

Wear pink lipstick today for Pink Hope’s Lipstick Day. The unique initiative is to encourage Aussie women to kiss & tell – and talk about their family health issues to their family, particularly ovarian and breast cancer. By talking, it is possible to encourage early detection and prevent the development of serious health conditions like […]

The key to happiness? This could be it:

We’re having a quiet little love affair with the writing and philosophy of Mark Manson here at BB HQ. Everything that comes out of Mark Manson’s mouth – or pen, seems to to make so much sense to us. This week he is talking about the big questions in life – whether it be fitness, […]

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