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A diet plan that might work for you – because it’s not really a diet.

Several Bondi Beauty staffers and friends have had success with the 80/20 diet – all things in moderation.This is the diet plan that might work for you. Depriving yourself of all things deemed ‘treats’ is unsustainable for most, and for the majority of the population, a restricted diet will result in binges and over indulging […]

An Aussie gym has told a client to go home and change because her shorts were too short.

In Darwin a 25 year old gym goer was told her shorts were too short, and that she had to leave the premises and change before  returning. So just how short is too short? The incident happened in Snap Fitness in Darwin, but the club claims to have a strict policy across all of their […]

Fear Of Failure? Entrepreneur John Carter tells us how to think differently to get what we want.

Do you fear failure? From visual affirmations to meditation and mind games, John Carter has some creative ways for Bondi Beauty subscribers to leave a fear of failure behind.   Q: How do we face our fear of failure? #1 Play a game of opposite thinking This may seem like a crazy suggestion but it […]

What causes skin ageing and how can we (naturally) slow it down?

Skin ageing is the number one reason people go to see skin expert. We can’t stop time to even slow it down, but we can give our skin the best chance of looking as fresh clean as young as possible for as long as possible. Bondi Beauty speaks to  Omniderm Skincare Expert, Sue Dann (National […]

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