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Sex Facts: Can sex get you fit?

Sex may keep you fit, and done regularly enough, it definitely keeps your immune system strong and your body healthy. Australians can’t get enough of it. Keywords including ‘sex’ and ‘porn’ are searched almost 23 million times a month, according to Business Insider Australia. Bondi Beauty spoke one-on-one with Dr Ginni Mansberg, host of Embarrassing Bodies […]

Could a life coach help you?

Being told there’s someone who can help you “get everything you want from life” sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly what a life coach promises and delivers. Could a life coach help you? Read on to find out. By Renae Leith-Manos To find out if you need one, the first question is what […]

Are cold-pressed juices all they’re cracked up to be?

Are cold-pressed juices all they’re cracked up to be?  By Nutrition Expert Lolita Walters In the world of juicing, ‘cold-pressed’ is the nutritional benchmark for those in the know. Cold Press Juice companies are popping up all over the country. But what exactly is it? And does this method really mean your juice will be […]

Has Thinspiration Gone Too Far?

A plethora of media outlets are expressing concerns over the number of images of thin women (many edited or manipulated) being posted on social media. They’re all asking if thinspiration has gone too far. There are specific concerns being raised in media outlets that the thinspiration trend of posting images of a ‘Bikini Bridge’  (yep, […]

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