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A week until a hot date? Here’s how to look gorgeous:

Get yourself looking and feeling great fast with these simple health & beauty tips: When it comes to a special event, be it big or small, there are ways to look as amazing as you can. Bondi Beauty spoke to Sydney’s Jaime Fronzek, an Accredited Practising Dietician and Nutritionist, for her top tips for looking […]

When the world gives you lemons…

One wonders if lemons are the ultimate fruit, as there are multiple uses for lemons, here are five you may not know about: 1) Whiter nails the natural way Soaking your nails ( without polish) in lemon juice for 10 minutes a day once week whitens them fast, and keeps them chemical free. 2) Lighten Hair […]

Age-difference relationships. Does age matter?

As someone who has spent over half my adult life in a relationship with someone 25 years older, I am more qualified than most to have an opinion. With the recent press about age difference relationships, I couldn’t help but jump in. It is a subject I am asked about a lot, given I spent […]

Want to be happy? The answer to happiness is here:

We speak to Dr Tim Sharp from The Happiness Institute (yep, there is such a thing) about how to be happy – and it’s easier than you think. It may seem that the search for happiness is a relatively new concept, but Dr Sharp says whilst our pursuit of it has spanned generations, or increasing […]

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