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How do ballet dancers look that good? And what about their crazy diets?

We talk to Former Principal ballet dancer at The Australian Ballet, Rebekah Davey about the real life of a ballet dancer 1. How strict is a professional Ballerina’s diet – give us some examples of what they eat in a day? Ballet is both a physical and aesthetic artform, so dancers eat to maintain a […]

Sara Leonardi-McGrath tells Bondi Beauty how to be fit and fabulous.

Sara Leonardi- McGrath chats to Bondi Beauty about life, love, fitness and her gorgeous hair. It’s unorthodox to have your hair done together for a story, but Sara McGrath is the face of new Japanese natural range of hair products, Suigo, and she wanted me to road-test the hair spa treatment with her at Hair […]

The secret powers of fragrance and finding the one for you

Fragrance is packed with the power to evoke powerful emotions. From Ancient Greeks to the Egyptians, Romans and French, women have harnessed the power of  fragrance to evoke the senses for centuries. It’s biological.  The part of the brain that processes emotions, also analyses scents and brings them together, so your perfume could be your […]

5 Easy Ways To Stay Fit While You’re Travelling

Between the tropical cocktails, fancy foreign food and sleep-ins, it’s just too easy to pack on the weight when you’re travelling. Even though we wish they didn’t, calories do count on holidays – but there are some easy ways to burn them. Don’t forget to pack this list of the easiest ways to stay fit while you’re […]

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