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Sex Facts: Can sex get you fit?

Sex may keep you fit, and done regularly enough, it definitely keeps your immune system strong and your body healthy. Australians can’t get enough of it. Keywords including ‘sex’ and ‘porn’ are searched almost 23 million times a month, according to Business Insider Australia. Bondi Beauty spoke one-on-one with Dr Ginni Mansberg, host of Embarrassing Bodies […]

Bondi Beauty speaks to the Victoria’s Secret trainer on how to get a great butt.

Ever wondered how the Victoria’s Secret Girls get such a great butt? We have, and tracked down Victoria’s Secret trainer Leandro Cravalho from Beachbody to find out how we can get one too. Leandro has created The Brazil Butt Lift Challenge,  a 60 day program that promises to tighten every aspect of your derriere. Q: […]

Fear Of Failure? Entrepreneur John Carter tells us how to think differently to get what we want.

Do you fear failure? From visual affirmations to meditation and mind games, John Carter has some creative ways for Bondi Beauty subscribers to leave a fear of failure behind.   Q: How do we face our fear of failure? #1 Play a game of opposite thinking This may seem like a crazy suggestion but it […]

What causes skin ageing and how can we (naturally) slow it down?

Skin ageing is the number one reason people go to see skin expert. We can’t stop time to even slow it down, but we can give our skin the best chance of looking as fresh clean as young as possible for as long as possible. Bondi Beauty speaks to  Omniderm Skincare Expert, Sue Dann (National […]

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