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The easiest way to teach yourself to eat well and lose weight for life.

The sound of healthy, home delivered meals didn’t get us excited at Bondi Beauty until we tried them for 3 days and were transformed. We are all pressed for time, and eating well balanced, healthy, low fat meals under time pressure is never easy. One of the many advantages of home delivered meals is you […]

How do they keep fit in that blistering Singapore heat?

A recent trip to Singapore got us thinking about how to work out in humid conditions. Here are some tips from Bondi Beauty for your next stop-over when travelling and how to cope with the searing heat and still work out. Summer in Bondi is hot, but life in Singapore is intensely hot and humid. […]

A Sugar Tax? It is up for discussion in the UK as obesity levels climb.

And it’s not just cakes and lollies being targeted but smoothies and pre-packaged meals, many of which have hidden sugars. The British Government is waging war on sugary products in the face of excessive consumption, particularly amongst children.  Sugar has been named as the number one cause of Britain’s obesity crisis, particularly soft drinks which […]

This Could Be Why You Feel Exhausted

Fatigue Busters: the importance of healthy functioning adrenal glands to ensure you don’t feel exhausted.   Our adrenal glands are small glands, which sit on top of our kidneys and control the autonomic nervous system. The adrenal glands produce several hormones including cortisol (dealing mainly with stress), DHEA-S (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate), which is the precursor to […]

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