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Reflexology can heal your past – here are 5 other revelations about it.

Reflexology has a host of holistic benefits you may not even know about. Expert Sydney reflexologist Hannah Hemphenstall explains. 1 Cleanses Your Colon As a Bondi Beauty fan you know all about the benefits of fasting and juicing, but did you know reflexology can help cleanse the bowel and rid the body of toxic build […]

The art of meditating on a candle

If you like candles, you’ll love candle gazing, the art of meditating whilst looking at a candle. For the many people who struggle with meditation, using a candle could be the way to focus and find a way forwards to appreciating and valuing the art of meditating. British fragrance creator Jonathon Ward was in Sydney […]

Are cold-pressed juices all they’re cracked up to be?

Are cold-pressed juices all they’re cracked up to be?  By Nutrition Expert Lolita Walters In the world of juicing, ‘cold-pressed’ is the nutritional benchmark for those in the know. Cold Press Juice companies are popping up all over the country. But what exactly is it? And does this method really mean your juice will be […]

Has Thinspiration Gone Too Far?

A plethora of media headlines are asking: Has Thinspiration Gone Too Far? There are concerns the thinspiration trend (posting images lying down with a camera balanced on your chest, shooting your abs and legs) have gone too far, and could cause body image issues. At Bondi Beauty, we agree that the imagery is revealing, but […]

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