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Miss Australia 2012 gives us her summer beauty tips.

Model and Miss Australia 2012 winner Renae Ayris talks to Bondi Beauty about summer beauty. From how she gets ready for summer to the importance of staying fit and healthy in the sun, Renae Ayris chats to Bondi Beauty about summer fun. One in 3 Australians are vitamin D deficient a Medical Express report tells us, […]

Eat your greens and avoid depression? Maybe

A new study suggests eating greens – both fruit and veges can improve your mental wellbeing. It is well known that eating fruits and vegetables is crucial for your physical health but new findings suggest eating your 5 a day could also be linked to better mental wellbeing. The research was conducted by Dr Saverio […]

Why sleep is the new sex

Why as women, we really should be “sleeping our way to the top”. From boardrooms to bedrooms, everyone from Arianna Huffington on a recent TED talk to your local GP is talking about the importance of sleep and why getting enough can have a huge impact on your life. The amount of sleep – or […]

Think Pink today for Pink Hope’s Lipstick Day

Wear pink lipstick today for Pink Hope’s Lipstick Day. The unique initiative is to encourage Aussie women to kiss & tell – and talk about their family health issues to their family, particularly ovarian and breast cancer. By talking, it is possible to encourage early detection and prevent the development of serious health conditions like […]

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