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Eating your way to higher energy levels

Feeling drained and tired? Low energy levels are no fun for anyone, here’s how to eat for increased energy. Bondi Beauty talks to Healthy Energy Consultant Dietitian Farah El-Chami, about how to stop feeling fatigued with 5 quick and easy nutritional tips. Although Farah El-Chami says that “simply eating a healthy balanced diet and performing […]

Love Yourself – or at least be friends.

We invest so much time, energy and thought into the relationships we build with others, often neglecting to build a relationship with ourselves. Having a healthy relationship with our minds and bodies will ensure a greater connection with the world and the people in it. Here are a few ways to build on the relationship you have with yourself. Be […]

Is social media to blame for size triple zero?

Has social media created the new triple zero – when are skinny bodies going out of style? The new size triple zero trend is encouraging a scary state of skinniness, and social media could be to blame with apps and role models idealising skinny sizes. A recent Grazia UK article puts a spotlight on the […]

Do you know the secret to long, lush locks when doing lots of sport?

Bondi Beauty spoke exclusively to Redken’s Matthew Jones about how to have and keep gorgeous hair when working out – and there’s a secret every girl should know. BB:  Is it really possible to have long, fabulous hair when you are a sporty girl? Absolutely. Working with your stylist is the most important factor here. […]

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