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The Positive Health Change I’m Making During Lockdown

With Australia’s lockdown comes a lot of extra time to think and revaluate your life and your goals. At a time when health and wellbeing are paramount here’s what the Bondi Beauty team are doing to benefit their body and soul. JOURNALING Tara says: I’ve always been into journaling and have kept a diary ever […]

5 Home Delivery Meal Services To Combat The Iso Binge (3 are vegan)

Isolation and the inability to go out to eat has amped up the demand for food delivery services, and far from a quick feed, some of the healthiest, most nutritious meals can now be delivered to your door. From plant-based nutrition to energy-boosting meal plans, the quality and variety of food is inspiring and makes […]

How to Love and Value Yourself

Dr Kieran Kennedy explains the ins and outs of self-worth and self-love “Self-Worth” It’s a modern-day buzzword we’ve come to know so well, and just about everywhere we’re told it’s something we need more of. But when we see that word written or hear it (usually inspirationally) spoken, what exactly are we talking about? When […]

We Road-tested the $850 Theragun – Here’s Why You Should Too

Is the Theragun, the world’s best self-massage gun, worth the price tag? Bondi Beauty road-tests. The Theragun was created out of sheer pain and necessity, when Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland was left in constant and debilitative pain following a motorcycle accident. Click here to read Bondi Beauty’s interview with the founder, to unpack how and […]

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