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5 Simple Ways To Stop The Spread This Winter

There are simple ways to avoid weight gain this winter. There are simple ways to prevent gaining weight during winter. Bondi Beauty spoke to Dr Joanna McMillan, nutritional scientist and dietician who has five tips for how to maintain a healthy diet and to avoid gaining weight during the cold winter months. Why do we […]

Bad Habits That Might Be Hurting Your Gut Health

Jacqueline Alwill, accredited nutritionist and fitness trainer and founder of The Brown Paper Bag blog and meal delivery service, told Bondi Beauty about the 5 worst habits for gut health and how to overcome them. Doctors have proclaimed the gut to be the ‘second brain to the body,’ due to it’s vital role in the […]

Food and Beauty Health Trends for 2019

From gut health and skincare to sweet treats and more, these are the new health trends for 2019. According to the Australian Organic industry, there’s been a sixty-two percent increase in people of the western world adopting a more planet loving diet. Whether that be in the form of eating ethically sourced fruit, meat and […]

Is Freezing Yourself the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health?

Freezing treatments for the skin, body and mind: these are the proven effects of using cold therapy treatments to boost your physical and mental health. While subjecting the body to freezing cold temperatures may seem like an odd thing to voluntarily do, scientific evidence is increasingly pointing towards the abundant health benefits of cold therapy […]

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