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Men Over 35 Pose A Health Risk To Their Unborn Child And The Mother

A groundbreaking study has revealed men over 35 years of age pose a significant health risk to their unborn child as well as the mother of their child. These risks increase as the man ages. A decade-long study by Stanford University’s Medical research team has revealed that men over the age of 35 pose a […]

DIY Natural Health Hacks

There are some amazing DIY Natural Health Hacks that have been used for centuries across the world. Long before the magnitude of pills, medicines and antibiotics were on the market, people used natural, home remedies to soothe, heal and detoxify the body. They are centuries old techniques from ancient societies who believed in holistic healing, […]

The Ultimate Way to Burn off those Christmas Calories

Voome HQ share the ultimate summer workout to burn off all those Christmas kilos. From the team that brought you the successful Michelle Bridges 12WBT fitness and health program, Voome are a team of experts qualified in the field of fitness and nutrition. Summer is by far the busiest time of year for the Voome […]

Vegan for Dummies: How to Start Your Vegan Journey

How to go vegan and start your journey of a meat-free diet. Going vegan is actually pretty easy, as most of a vegan diet consists of fresh fruits and veggies, legumes, beans and grains. All of which, you no doubt already eat daily anyway. Where people get lost along their vegan journey, is attempting replace […]

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