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3 Delicious Vegan Desserts you Must Try

Whether you’re curious to see what all the hype is surrounding a vegan lifestyle, or just want to introduce some new meals and snacks into your diet, these dessert recipes will have you hooked. But first, why vegan? Despite the obvious ethical issues that veganism aims to combat, living a plant-based lifestyle also has major […]

Easy Desserts (From Scratch) For Beginners

Assert your title as dessert connoisseur by impressing your family with these wonderfully delicious, yet surprisingly easy-to-make desserts.  The training wheels are finally coming off. No more box-kit desserts, no more pit stops at the petrol station to grab a pint of ice cream for an after-dinner treat and certainly no more midnight soft serves […]

A Rich, Delicious, Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Master your cooking skills whilst in self-isolation, starting with this delicious and easy to make dark chocolate vegan mousse recipe. You’ve talked about not having enough time for months now. Time to spend with the family, time to start cooking delicious healthy meals in the kitchen (or desserts). Well, now you have it. Whilst exploring […]

Recipe: Make Your Own (Mega Healthy) Infused Raw Protein Chocolate

There are a host of known benefits from raw protein chocolate, and that’s before all of the other ultra amazing ingredients are infused into this recipe from Sydney’s Pixiehands. This is a recipe for infused home made chocolate protein that tastes delicious, but is amazingly good for you. Infused Raw Protein Chocolates can support digestive […]

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