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Have you tried nature’s botox?

Bone broth is the new health elixir. You may be wondering why on earth you would want to swap your daily green juice or caffeine fix for the not-so-appealing sound of bone broth. If you were told it could be the key to natural beauty and slow the ageing process of your skin, and organs, […]

Make your own super food – Alkalised Almonds

Why alkalising your almonds is worth the effort (and not that hard anyway). What are Alkalised Almonds? Almonds are one of the superfoods with many nutritious benefits such as being a great source of vitamin E, magnesium and protein. However, certain natural properties prevent almonds from releasing all the benefits and might be harmful in […]

The ultimate green drink

Making a juice at home is cost effective, and you can share it with the whole household.   Commercial juice bars offer a wide selection but can often be expensive. This juice recipe shows you how to keep it simple and cost effective by making it at home. All you need are 6 energy boosting […]

Fibre-rich recipe: quinoa & fig salad with lemon dressing

Looking for a fresh new take on fibre? Look no further, Bondi nutritionist Shane Landon shares his high fibre salad recipe with Bondi Beauty. Fibre is an essential part of every diet – it helps keep your system ‘regular’ and getting plenty of fibre  every day will help combat weight gain. My recent report on […]

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