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Eat Chocolate and Lose Weight?

Sounds too good to be true? New research says you can enjoy chocolate in moderation and you wont put on any weight. Turns out that depriving ourselves from one our favorite foods, could the reason we can’t drop that extra kilo. According to a new survey conducted by the market research firm “YouGov”, an international internet-based […]

New Research Proves Fit and Fat Not Possible

Canadian researchers claim they’ve proved overweight and obese people die younger, are more prone to disease, and cannot, medically speaking, be truly fit. The researchers claim they’ve proved you cannot be overweight and fit – it’s just not physically possible. Research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, shows high blood pressure, poor blood sugar […]

Alcohol or Coffee? New Research Shows a Glass of Bubbles Could Be the Better Choice

Cut out the coffee, and grab the champagne or wine? Researchers are saying that one decision could keep you younger, longer. Sounds crazy, but a recent study claims caffeine can shorten your life expectancy, but alcohol could increase it. Researchers from Tel Aviv University have discovered that the specifics of the relationship between DNA and […]

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