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Sugar Substitutes you can lean on to curb your cravings.

 From natural “chemical” substitutes to fruit and powders, there are alternatives you can use to kick the habit and curb your sugar cravings. There has been so much press about kicking sugar out of your diet, but for most it’s easier said than done. One of the biggest challenges is artificial sweeteners are not the […]

Don’t Drink this! The 7 worst drinks for your body.

It may come as a surprise, but some of your favourite drinks are worse for you than you actually realise.These are the 7 worst drinks for your body: Juice –  Drinking juice makes you think you’re getting your daily dose of fruit. However, the majority of juice on the market today is packed with added […]

Decoding Your Cravings – what do they really mean?

 Your Food Cravings – what do they really mean? Everyone’s experienced cravings for certain foods at times in their life. Desperate for some chocolate? Can’t survive unless you get that packet of chips? While people generally crave less healthy food options, there is a hidden beneficial message within. Learning to understand what our bodies are […]

Five ways to Boost your Body (and lose those last 2 kilos).

Do you have a couple of kilograms you just can’t shift? Here are some quick boosts to  help you along. It can be a slow process getting back on track after indulging in summer treats from cocktails to ice-cream, but with a bit of self-control, a new mind-set and some structure, returning to your regular […]

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