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Feeling bloated? Here are some simple food swaps for the weekend.

If there’s one week we all tend to overeat, this is it. Here are some simple food swaps for the weekend. Delicious treats, over-eating and unlimited alcohol are almost guaranteed at BBQ’s Christmas parties and events this weekend, which can make sticking to your diet virtually impossible. Try not to let this stress you, and don’t […]

Green and red superfoods to eat during the festive season.

This Christmas keep your energy up and feel good inside and out by including these green and red superfoods in your diet . Superfoods are a rich source of nutrients, packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fats that are especially beneficial for your health. They are said to help prevent heart disease and cancer, […]

How to Survive the Christmas Buffet & avoid those Christmas kilos.

There’s no need to fear a food coma, bloated belly and excessive calories this year, as Bondi Beauty brings you tips on navigating your way safely through the Christmas Day buffet.   Christmas is the season to be jolly. Eating, drinking and relaxing all come hand in hand with this time of year. However no one […]

Alcohol or coffee? New research shows a glass of bubbles could be a better choice.

Cut out the coffee, and grab the champagne or wine? Researchers are saying that one decision could keep you younger, longer. Sounds crazy, but a recent study claims caffeine can shorten your life expectancy, but alcohol could increase it. Researchers from Tel Aviv University have discovered that the specifics of the relationship between DNA and […]

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