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Chia seeds are the tiny superfood that packs a punch

Loaded with protein, fibre and omega 3, Chia Seeds are the tiny super food that packs a punch… What are they? This trending super food contains a multitude of nutrients to help your body perform better on just about every level. From high omega 3 levels to protein and fibre, don’t let their size fool […]

A diet plan that might work for you – because it’s not really a diet.

Several Bondi Beauty staffers and friends have had success with the 80/20 diet – all things in moderation.This is the diet plan that might work for you. Depriving yourself of all things deemed ‘treats’ is unsustainable for most, and for the majority of the population, a restricted diet will result in binges and over indulging […]

How many calories will you drink tonight?

How many calories will you drink tonight? Probably more than you realise. Here is a basic guide to help you keep the booze – and the calories down. It’s unlikely you won’t want to have a drink tonight, but at Bondi Beauty we’ve come up with a list of lower calorie choices that mean you […]

Eat chocolate and lose weight? Sounds too good to be true..

Eat chocolate and lose weight? New research says enjoy it in moderation and you wont put on weight. If your weight loss goal for 2014 includes removing chocolate from your diet, think again  It turns out that depriving ourselves from one our favorite foods, could the reason we can’t drop that extra kilo. According to […]

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