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Seven Benefits of Playing a Team Sport

Playing a team sport can be the easiest way to ensure you have regular exercise, stay healthy and make new friends.   1. Routine fitness It’s easy to allow our social or work life to get in the way of exercise, as we promise ourselves we will make up for it later. Playing for a team […]

Ways to Reinvigorate your winter Fitness Regime

It’s winter and it’s getting cold and dark outside. It’s the perfect time of year to start looking for new ways to exercise that don’t involve being outside. Reinvigorate your exercise regime and try something new at the same time. Learning new skills isn’t just good for your physical health, it’s also great for your […]

Five Reasons You Should Be Doing Pilates

 You’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve tried it, but do you know why Pilates is so good for you? Bondi Beauty spoke to Pilates Instructor Lisa Simpkinson from VillagePilates to get to the bottom of just why you should be doing Pilates. 1) Core Stability ‘Core would be number one,’ Lisa says, ‘Pilates is all […]

Xtend Barre Director Rockell Williamson-Rudder chats to BB.

We caught up with International Xtend Barre Director Rockell Williamson-Rudder to tell us more about this unique exercise.     Describe Xtend Barre in three words: Total Body Workout – Your Body on Point. How was the idea born?  It was created by Andrea Rogers, a former dancer and Pilates Instructor. She started to blend dance […]

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