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How to Use a Resistance Band For a Full Body Workout (Easiest Lockdown Fitness)

Co-founder of boutique fitness studio Flow Athletic, Ben Lucas shares his tips on how to use a resistance band for a full body workout while in lockdown.

It Was World Pilates Day on Saturday 1st May 2021

On Saturday 1st May 2021, many people around the world will be celebrating World Pilates Day.

2 Ways To Use A Resistance Band For A Full Body Workout

You don’t need to leave your house for a full body workout. Using the humble resistance band can give you a full body work at home – no gym required.

How To Get Toned Arms While Watching Netflix

Look no further than these 4 amazing arm-toning moves to get the sexy, strong arms you have always wanted.    What’s better than a killer arm workout? A killer arm workout you can do while watching TV. These arm exercises can be completed whilst sitting down and without any equipment, so you can basically do them […]

Can 30-days of Pilates Really Change You?

M-Power Pilates in Bondi are holding a thirty day Pilates challenge in June. Winter is the perfect time to reset your body, making it strong and healthy in time for when Summer rolls around again, making you feel confident enough to hit the beach in your hottest bikini. Of course, it isn’t always about rocking […]

Five ways to feel confident in the weights room

Five ways to kick your strength goals and feel more confident in the weights room. A unisex gym can be an intimidating place when starting out on a health and fitness journey. Dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, heavy plates; it’s a minefield of new equipment and new techniques. Not to mention the potential over-crowding and stares […]

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