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Fitness trends for 2014. These are the fitness trends we think will be big this year to tone up, lose weight, & have fun.

From HIIT to night fitness, these are the fitness trends Bondi Beauty predicts for 2014. Don’t be surprised to see some old favourites in our list of fitness trends for 2014. They’re only to get bigger, but there are a few new trends beside them.  HIIT You’ve heard us talk about HIIT before – workout […]

Stretching – why you need it just as much as a workout.

 Stress, long hours at work and in cars, mean we need stretching more than ever. By Personal Trainer Rachel Livingstone If there was an exercise that reduced every day aches and pains, made your body feel lighter and freer and improved your performance in the sports you enjoy, would you do it? The reality is […]

An Aussie Gym Has Told A Client To Go Home And Change Because Her Shorts Were Too Short

In Darwin a 25 year old gym goer was told her shorts were too short, and that she had to leave the premises and change before  returning So just how short is too short? The incident happened in Snap Fitness in Darwin, but the club claims to have a strict policy across all of their […]

How to Workout Harder and Not Longer

If you workout harder, not longer, you can achieve better results. Welcome to HIIT, high intensity inerval training, it brings extreme results. Nothing says new start better than the start of a new year. With the beginning of 2014 why not refresh yourself and pick up the intensity in your workouts. 2013 saw its fair […]

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