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Shake Up Your Exercise Routine With These Quirky Retro Workouts

If you are struggling to maintain your motivation when it comes to fitness, these 5 retro workouts are guaranteed to turn things around. Performing the same exercises at home or in the gym, day after day, can quickly become boring and unmotivating. This is why it is important to switch up your routine every so […]

Rate of Perceived Exertion – how hard are you really training?

How do you measure how hard you are training? You might say, I feel hot and sweaty, my heart is pumping fast, I’m out of breath, my muscles are burning. Or, I use a heart rate monitor to know my heart beats per minute and stay in a particular training zone. Or perhaps, I follow […]

Virtual Cycling within a spin class?

Virtual cycling at Scenic Cycle, within a 45 minute spin class could be just the thing for you. Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Scenic Cycle is a state of the art cycle studio that combines innovative technology with basic training principles to give you a killer yet enjoyable cycle session. Founder Tom Sproats, […]

Periscope Fitness? The free way to a bikini body.

Have you embraced the new fitness trend? Free Periscope Fitness Classes – we give you our top five: If you have trouble finding time or money for exercise then  check out Periscope—Twitter’s live streaming service. Periscope works a little bit like your Snapchat story—except that it lets you live-stream your life as well as storing […]

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