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Move over Turmeric Latte, the Rose Latte is taking over Bondi

Forget the Turmeric Latte, it’s all about the Rose Latte now, yes you read it right – Rose, as in the flower. Remember the good old days when your hot beverages were limited to a coffee, hot chocolate or tea? Now it seems lattes come in every colour of the rainbow from yellow turmeric lattes, […]

Want to Lose Weight Fast? Start Boxing

Inspiring millions of women around the world, as a fiery and empowering form of exercise, Boxing has become a popular way to work out and what better location to do it than in Bondi? With a massive celebrity influence generating awareness and excitement around a workout which has long been considered both intimidating and inaccessible […]

My 2-Day Liquid Wellness Cleanse

Popular clean eating Bondi cafe Mr Perkins has a new 2-day liquid wellness cleanse. It’s called the Wellness Cleanse, and it consists of 12 delicious pre-made recipes in jars to help you detox, cleanse and refresh your system in just 2 days. The recipes include hearty vegetable soups, refreshing fruit smoothies and a delicious chai […]

How To Train for City2Surf

Who doesn’t love a fun run? The City2Surf is Sydney’s best. By Raquel Holgado, Personal Trainer and Australian Athletics Coach – originally from Spain, now living in Sydney, Australia. Spanish-born PT Raquel Holgado is running (no pun intended) a 4-week training program for Sydney’s City2Surf on August 13. Here she shares her 5 tips on […]

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