Category: Beauty

A new way to clean your face.

Is this product the ultimate treadmill for your face?   It gives you a thorough workout without leaving home, but unlike your treadmill, there’s no sweat, just clean, clear skin. Clean, clear skin is as important in cooler weather as in summer, and  a new motorised silicone facial cleanser promises to take the stress out […]

What is your fitness doing to your hair?

 Sydney Redken Artist Matthew Jones chats to Bondi Beauty about the effect of fitness on our hair. 1) How much of an effect does sport have on our hair? The answer to this is varying degrees. It all depends on the intensity of the sport or physical activity you are taking part in. Something like […]

A make-up detox. How long do you keep your cosmetics?

Are you using the same eye liner from high school? Change your life and your look with a make-up detox. Bondi Beauty has put together a guideline to the lifespan of your beauty products, to help you figure out what you should throw out and when. Although all brands and products are made differently and with […]

Inject some life back into your hair.

Bondi Beauty has sourced the latest products to give your hair strength and shine, plus we reveal our personal secrets for great hair post-workout. Workouts strip your hair. From sweat to excessive showers, not to mention swimming, fit girls have to spend more time and effort to keep their hair looking good. There are two […]

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