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Tried & Tested: DIY teeth whiteners

Bondi Beauty road tests DIY teeth whitening systems. Nothing makes a winning smile like two rows of shinning pearly whites. We road-tested a range of whitening systems on the market to find on that works. Other than the universal issue of loose fitting mouth molds, these at-home kits range from quick and easy fixes to […]

Killer heels: What high heels are really doing to your body.

They look great but high heels can damage your feet as well as your back. A recent investigation at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in North London  has recorded 360-degree scans of patient’s feet which show the detrimental effects of wearing high heels when worn too often. Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Andy Goldberg says women have always […]

Our Favourite Celebrity Mums: Famous, Fabulous AND Fit

How on earth do celebrity mums do it? They’re famous, fabulous – and they’ve got a banging bod to boot? How do they do it? 1. Miranda Kerr This Aussie beauty’s slender frame is clearly the result of hard work and dedication – probably more than we can imagine. She says she works out four […]

Nutritionist & wellness coach Jessica Sepel talks about natural skincare.

With an abundance of so-called natural skincare products hitting the market, Jessica Sepel talks to Bondi Beauty about how to make the right choice for you.   1)    How do we define natural and organic beauty products? With the definition of the term ‘organic’ and even ‘natural’ still blurred, it’s important to know what to […]

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