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Nail Polish that lasts – without the toxins.

Want nail polish that goes the distance without the harsh ingredients? Bio Sculpture could be for you. Bondi Beauty spoke to Talya Bergmann, Marketing & Operations Manager at Bio Sculpture. Q; What is the difference between Bio Sculpture and other gel nail products? Most nail gels such as traditional gels, acrylic gels and gel polishes (think […]

Replace the potentially harmful products you’re using every day

Chemicals are a part of so many aspects of our lives every day. There are easy ways to reduce them and reduce your exposure. Simple everyday products like dishwashing detergent, bug spray and air freshener and can be toxic for the body and the environment. Where possible, using organic or alternative products. They’ll save you […]

Inside the makeup bag of an Australian musical star.

Professional actress and theatre performer, Gretel Scarlett gives Bondi Beauty the inside scoop of her makeup bag. Grease star Gretel Scarlett spoke exclusively to Bondi Beauty about the beauty products she uses to look her best when centre stage. Getting that perfect look on stage involves a number of steps and layers. “My every day […]

What are the worst shoes for your feet?

One of the biggest issues with shoes is the repetitive strain they can put on our feet, which intern effects our bodies. Sydney’s  Kate McArthur-Jones, Mister Minit’s resident podiatrist, and owner of City Feet Clinic talks to Bondi Beauty about the damage we do to our feet via the shoes we wear: What style of […]

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