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Make your own beauty products in seconds.

DIY beauty products you can mix up in your own kitchen – and they’re super cheap. For chemical -free beauty, try these simple recipes you can mix up in your own kitchen in seconds. From egg-white face masks which tighten your skin to cool green tea bags to reduce eye bags, there are a myriad […]

Oil in your skincare? You bet.

Believe it or not, oil can be one of the best things for your complexion. If we’re honest, the thought of using an oil as a moisturiser can be a bit scary, but don’t be afraid. Bondi beauty spoke to Omniderm Skincare Expert, Sue Dann (National Training Manager) distributor for Dr. Spiller. 1) Why would […]

Top 10 Beauty Mistakes you’re probably making

Mistakes in your beauty regime can be unflattering and even make you look older, here are 10 to avoid. To always look and feel your best, make sure you’re not guilty of these top ten beauty blunders: 1.     Putting moisturiser all over your face It’s instinctive to panic and lather your face with […]

Follow These Steps For Fab Feet

We walk on them every day – and if you play any kind of sport, your feet are regularly having extra pressure put on them from every direction. It might be time to give them some attention: 1. Wear Shoes That Fit If your shoes are too tight, it can cause hammertoe, corns, ingrown toenails […]

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