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Follow These Steps For Fab Feet

We walk on them every day – and if you play any kind of sport, your feet are regularly having extra pressure put on them from every direction. It might be time to give them some attention: 1. Wear Shoes That Fit If your shoes are too tight, it can cause hammertoe, corns, ingrown toenails […]

Prettier without curly hair? Now that doesn’t sound right.

A new hair campaign just doesn’t seem to make sense to us. The Real Beauty gurus at Dove are in the headlines again. This time for an emotionally charged hair campaign focussing on curly hair, implying girls would be prettier with straight locks. Are they kidding? It seems a huge overstretch, as they are implying […]

A week until a hot date? Here’s how to look gorgeous:

Get yourself looking and feeling great fast with these simple health & beauty tips: When it comes to a special event, be it big or small, there are ways to look as amazing as you can. Bondi Beauty spoke to Sydney’s Jaime Fronzek, an Accredited Practising Dietician and Nutritionist, for her top tips for looking […]

How to look Longer

US Dermatologist Dr Vivian Bucay, gives Bondi Beauty her exclusive tips on looking young – for life, and she says you’re never too young to start. “Everyone is conscious of ageing,” Dr Bucay explains. ‘The non-invasive procedures are improving all the time, but there are a number of environmental things we can all address, from […]

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