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Global Beauty Products You Will Love

If you can’t travel, the next best thing is using global beauty products. They look gorgeous, smell heavenly and are often ahead of the trend. This winter, I am loving long, hot baths. Estelle & Thild is a relatively new brand to Australia and from Stockholm. It is stocked by Sephora. The Water Lily fragrance […]

Self-Tanning Products to Help You Glow

Here are four self-tanning products to help get that summer glow without the sun. If you’re looking for a DIY approach to tanning this summer; that doesn’t involve baking under harmful rays, there are some great products to consider, with some even lasting up to 7 days. Some self tans work instantaneously, whilst others need […]

Bondi’s Best Spray Tan?

We’ve searched high and low and think this could be Bondi’s Best Spray Tan right now. Lauren Capelin has been in the spray tan business longer than most. She established one of Bondi’s first spray tanning salons in 2009, and is now in Oxford Street Paddington in a super glamorous beauty haven where she tans […]

A new way to be hair-free, without wax

The Pharo salon sugaring system will change the way you wax your body. Sugaring hair removal, dates back to the 21st century when it was traditionally made by boiling sugar, lemon, water, salt and essential oils to make a paste and rolled into a ball to remove the hair of ancient Egyptians. Similarly to traditional […]

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