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Inspiring millions of women around the world, as a fiery and empowering form of exercise, Boxing has become a popular way to work out and what better location to do it than in Bondi?

With a massive celebrity influence generating awareness and excitement around a workout which has long been considered both intimidating and inaccessible for many women, celebrities including Gina Rodriguez, Gigi Hadid, and Ellie Goulding, have been showing off their boxing skills on Instagram, proving it’s a fast way to get fit, tone and lose weight fast.

Bondi Boxing duo Zach Vickers and Siannon Pallister, aka: @transposefitness chat to Bondi Beauty on the benefits of boxing when it comes to losing weight and why it’s become so popular for women around the world.

Bondi’s top boxing and PT duo; Zach and Siannon.

“A simple google search will allow you to identify all of the reasons why boxing has such a positive impact on the physical form when trying to lose weight.

We often find the most simple questions are best served by the most simple of answers. The key to said ‘Weight Loss’ – Increases in heart rate will in turn burn calories . It’s that simple there is no need to delve deeper to understand the exact sciences behind it.” They said.

“The constant comprehensive full body movements required for boxing from boning and weaving to striking will do exactly that. Your heart will pound from round to round, your mind will waver, your grit and determination will grow stronger, your love for the sport growing fonder, and the best part of it all you can enjoy the process. The process of learning a practical skill that will help you burn those calories and shred those extra kilos.”

Spectacular sights at the Transpose Fitness boxing ring.

Still, for many women, boxing might seem intimidating and too challenging to start. Zach and Siannon share some insight on why you should let go of this fear and just go for it.

“The best part about boxing is that the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves. This could be said for more then just boxing and could be applied to life itself. Boxing holds no form of discrimination in any way shape or form. Anyone and everyone can take up boxing. No matter your level on fitness, conditioning or skill, if you want to take up boxing you can. Remember this every champion was once a beginner.The only difference between you and them is they have failed more times then we have even tried.” They said.


Siannon working out her boxing technique with the new boxing gloves by Unit Nine.

Thanks to the rise of boutique boxing gyms offering female friendly boxing classes, boxing has become a more accessible workout for many females.

Zach and Siannon’s advice: “Do your research, understand the difference between real boxing and boxing classes based around fitness. You want to develop the skills and techniques applicable to boxing, these techniques are a form of Boxing’s universal language which can be understood regardless of any form.”

“Keep your mind open and enjoy everything that boxing has to offer you, it really is a unique experience” Siannon.

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