Meditation: Here’s the app to help you do it.



For many, meditation is the key to a blissful, calm, happy life. There’s an app out today to help you master it.


Lindy Klim practises mindfulness and meditation.

Lindy Klim is in Sydney this week to launch a new FREE meditation app, Smiling Mind, an initiative by Virgin Mobile.

Sounds ironic, a tech company launching a wellness product, but such is the recognition by everyone that we all need to spend more time connecting with ourselves and less connecting with our gadgets. A study by Virgin Mobile revealed 73% of people surveyed believe we live in the most stressful era in human history but only 1 in 10 (9%) surveyed currently rank their mental health as a top priority. 

Developed with psychologists and health professionals, Smiling Mind helps individuals improve their mental health and sense of wellbeing through the web and mobile app-based meditations designed for both adults and children.

It has been proven multiple times that meditation can help.

“Meditation has always been a part of my life from as far back as I can remember,” says Klim, who is Balinese. “We are all so beholden to our devices, we need to be present, and centered more than ever before. I have my children in a green school in Bali, the world’s first ecologically sustainable school where they do meditation, mindfulness and gratitude every morning and yoga every day. I exercise every day for one hour, and wake every morning for a 10 minute meditation.”

For three days this week, Virgin Mobile have a meditation Smiling Mind Pod in Martin Place where anyone can sit and escape the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

Here are thirty proven benefits of meditation:

1) Reduces Ageing

2) Increases your attention span

3) Reduces Stress

4) Helps you sleep

5) Helps you feel more connected

6) Increases happiness

7) Makes people feel more positive towards you

8) Increases Immunity

9) Helps you appreciate life more

10) Adds more hour sot your day

11) Lowers blood pressure

12) Reduces anxiety

13) Increases your creativity

14) Increases intuition

15) Sharpens the mind

16) Increases clarity

17) Balances your emotions

18) Lowers oxygen consumption

19) Helps weight loss

20) Makes you sweat less

21) Reduces headaches

22) Relieves asthma

23) Increases libido

24) Reduces wasted energy

25) Builds your self confidence

26) Helps quite addictions such as alcohol and smoking

27) Helps you forgive those around you

28) Decreases restlessness

29) Reduces anger

30) Helps your heart open to new relationships.

 For more information on Virgin Mobile’s partnership with Smiling Mind visit

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