Jeds Bondi Is Back – Kind Of.



Bondi institution Jeds is being brought back to life ( we hope) as the team join The Hill Eatery.

The Hill Eatery, Bondi

We are excited, as is the whole of Bondi. The team from Jed’s, undeniably one of Bondi’s best cafes has joined forces with The Hill Eatery.

Megan and Roberto created a Bondi institution at Jeds for 18 years, but closed with no notice earlier this year. They worked side by side in the cafe, and could be seen there every single day, and were unpretentious, always up for a chat about life, philosophy and what sustainable produce they were serving up.

Life and food at Jed’s had a simplicity and calmness Bondi is known for. Dogs were allowed in, you could share tables with people you’d never met, the coffee was fair trade and many a famous Bondi resident or visitor was spotted there over the years. It was a place where they broke the rules. You got your bill with your cutlery in a little plastic tray before you even got your food – but it worked.

They never rushed people out the door, and served breakfast all day long. In a city and a suburb where restaurants close as fast as they open, theirs was as solid and consistent as they come.

At The Hill Eatery, there’s not much being revealed about what’s to come, but it has to be good.  We know there will be new menus, and a new head chef, Will. Stay Tuned, or just go there, like now.

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