The Winner of our delicious LUSH Cosmetics Giveaway



We love LUSH Cosmetics. And there’s nothing more inspiring in Winter, than dreaming of getting home out of the cold and relaxing in your favourite LUSH envoked bath.

Announcing the winner of our Beautiful LUSH Cosmetics Giveaway.

And, to share our love of LUSH and in collaboration with LUSH Cosmetics, we decided to give away an incredible LUSH giftpack of products, worth $271.95 to one of our lucky readers.

The products included the following:

  • Think Pink Gift Pack; containing 14 of your favourite bath and shower products
  • Wonderful LUSH Gift Pack; containing 11 of your favourite bath and shower products
  • Solid Perfume Pyramid Gift Set; containing 3 deliciously scented solid perfumes.

To win, all you had to do was tell us in 140 words or less, what your favourite bath products was?

We had an amazing response to the giveaway, with so many fantastic entries. But there can only be one.

And the winner is Rachel Gorfine from Bonbeach in Victoria.

Winner of our LUSH Giveaway

Who’s deliciously scented winning entry was:

“The lush think pink bath bomb is my all-time fav. Perfect with a glass (or bottle) of bubblies, candles and music and I’m relaxed to the max.”

Congratulations Rachel, from all the team at Bondi Beauty and LUSH Cosmetics.

We hope you love your LUSH products, just as much as we do.

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